Expressing Emotions Through Floral Coloration

Setting the right tone for every relation; be it romantic love, family bond, or other business associations, every hue depict a different story. Therefore electing the right shade of blossoms plays an integral part in conveying certain emotions. Hence, we bring to you an assorted range of Fresh Flowers with exquisite and creative gift wraps so that you can render the best ever messages to your dear ones on their special days. Also, here's a list of noteworthy floral bouquets which you can aptly send to Pune, like the Artistic Love in the Air Mixed Roses Bouquet and the Magical Three-Tier Orchid Stems Arrangement in accordance to color and the relation you share with your dear ones.

Underneath is a brief note regarding the common floral color choices and their significances-

  • White: Earlier, just like any other blank page, white blossoms were also considered vacant. These white blossoms did not have any inherent significance or implications. But with the gradual course of time these blossoms have evolved a endless meanings and significances. The most common symbol being that of purity and chastity. At times of expressing pure friendship, love or while conveying sympathy a family on passing away of someone close, every culture uses white flowers in certain positive or negative events. In western culture, white blossoms are considered the most pious Wedding flower while in the same in eastern region is considered a bad luck and are used to represent death. Floral like that of White Lotus, White Carnations and Chrysanthemums are the most ideal funeral flowers as they symbolize rebirth and eternal life. Today, white floral is often neglected for their more colorful counterparts. But, there is no such flower that can express emotions more innocently than that of these neutral blossoms.

    Examples - A Zesty Collection of White Roses Bunch is all one need to showcase innocence of a transparent friendship. While a Captivating Eternal Love White Carnations Bundle or a Graceful Arrangement of White Gerberas with Filler will be the ideal souvenir for expressing innocence of a long term pure love. Simultaneously, an Aromatic Tribute Carnations Wreath will serve the best at times of grief, to ennoble the demise of a dear one.

  • Red: There is an unprecedented vibe that red floral exhale. Red color has the unimaginable power of transforming an ordinary flower into a fascinating one. Undisputedly, there is no color on this planet, besides red that stands a chance in depicting true love and intense passion. Red floral is used in many religious works and is treated as one of the best Wedding souvenirs in Asian marriages. Red blossoms radiate an unexplained energy. The color is synonymous to what runs in human veins, which sparkles the most substantial feeling of desire and spells an instinct that is no normal.

    Example - There is no better flower than a bunch of blood red Roses, Charming and Chic Dutch Rose Bouquet that can express love more deeply and convincingly. Other bunches too, such as Magical Assemble of Gerberas in Red Colour and Stunning Red Carnations serve as great presents for portraying immense love and affection.

  • Pink: There are thousands of variegated pinks that involve a host of denotations. Each Pink flower with its somewhat separate shade depicts a whole new variety of meanings, which can be delivered at times when words fall short. Pale Pink Roses and Hyacinths are perfect floral bouquets for communicating messages of gratitude or budding romance. Whereas, deeper hues of Pink like that of fuchsia or dark Pink Roses and Magenta Tulips are the unrivaled boutonnieres for honoring one's long time paramour. Similarly, blushing pink roses stands for femininity and therefore, serve great as Mother's Day presents.

    Example - Beautiful Bouquet of 30 Bright Pink Roses can be your perfect Anniversary present to your partner. You can even opt for Stylish Carnations Arrangement in Pink Colour while tailoring the message of Thank You to a friend who aided you in a strenuous situation. Also, let your mothers too know that how much you care for her by gifting her Bouquet of Beautiful Blushing Peach or Pink Roses on the upcoming Mother's Day.

  • Yellow: Yellow blossoms exhibit joy and enthusiasm. Though it sometime hallmarks pride and success, the eternal depiction stands to be that of cheerfulness and that marks the vows of true friendship. Yellow floral are mostly banked upon to spread messages of positivity.

    Examples - Yellow Floral are perfect floral corsages for serving situations like that of Friendship Day or jus otherwise to commemorate the achievement of a dear friend- . These sunny blossom bunches are perfect souvenirs on Birthdays- Spirited Bouquet of Engrossing Lilies, Retirement- Thriving Togetherness Roses and Gerberas Arrangement also while congratulating someone on his/her promotion- Blazing Blossoms in an Energized Arrangement.

  • Purple: Purple Floral being associated with royalty and nobility, originally represent dignity, morality and accomplishment. Purple floral are given to confer words of uniqueness, that marks the recipient's one-of-a kind personality and never seen before creativity. Purple flowers sometimes even denote a pivotal change in life.

    Example - Artistically Arranged Orchids Bouquet and Vibrant Blooms Purple Orchid Stems Bunch are impeccable gifting options for those in need of a breakthrough.

  • Orange: Orange flowers possess the incredible quality of elevating one's mood the moment it catches the receiver's sight. These beaming bunches of gorgeousness are the sunshine in a gloomy, dull day and therefore are an impeccable option to exhilarate a friend's state of mind. Orange flowers also send messages of adventure. The closest replica to the sun, Orange blooms marks enthusiasm, warm, success besides amplification.

    Example - Bouquet of Charming Lilies

  • Blue: Blue Floral are synonymous to serenity and peace. Deep blue hues of blossoms often act as an antidote against angst and transmit tranquility and calmness. Gifting a bunch of blue blossoms would be an excellent pick for offering a mental backup to a close friend who is in need of inspiration.

  • Lavender: While purple marks royalty and pink denotes femininity, the color lavender hallmarks elegance and grace. Depicting womanhood, a bunch of Lavender shaded blossoms is a well-thought of gift for a woman who represents sheer magnificence and poise.

  • Green: Think of lush green fields and immediately you will see yourself smiling at the very thought of it. The rich green lawns along with its earthy smell often remind us of the beauty of Mother Nature and hence, a perfect bunch of green floral is ample to invigorate the feeling of usherance of springtime and the sight of the fresh floral that has just out bloomed.

Besides all the above mentioned shades, there are bountiful more hues of blossoms that are cultivated and all symbolize different implications. Even mixed and matched floral of divergent shades can cater different meanings. As for example, individually Red floral denote intense love and pink ones hallmarks gratitude or young love. But, these flowers when combined Charming Just for You 15 Pink N Red Roses Basket, unanimously verbalize messages of passion and dedication. Similarly, an assemblage of yellow and orange flowers Bright and Beautiful Lilies in Vase often represent warm feelings and can be rendered to those recovering from any sort of ailment or while saying Thank You to a friend in need.