Unearthing Floral Insights

Flowers are one of the reasons or in other words 90% responsible for the earth's alluring beauty and magnificence. The radiant tones and the exotic aromas of these Fresh Flowers is an absolute treasure of appeal. The very sight of these beauties acts as the perfect mood enhancer, thus, makes any person cope with any strenuous situation. Thus, we have come up with a handful of floral choices and the convenience of Same Day Delivery and Midnight Delivery of Premium Flowers to Pune for your beloved ones.


A staple in most floral assortments and corsages, these exotic blossoms of Carnations comes in a variety of several standard colors, which makes this perennial plant a favorite among all. Recognized as Jove's Flower by the Ancient Romans, the sanctified floral is bred in three peculiar species, namely; the annual, the perpetual and the border. Though it is a prototypical floral now, there has been a pre-eminent etymology behind the emergence of the name 'Carnation'. Among all, the most sought-after theories happen to be the ones stated below.

  • It is said that Carnations derived its name - Dianthus caryophyllus (Scientific name) given by Theophrastus, a Greek Botanist. The word Dianthus can be further bifurcated into Dios which symbolizes Lord Zeus and Anthos which depicts flower. Therefore, the culmination of the name can be summoned as The Flower of God.
  • A second myth suggests that Carnations have evolved its name from the word Carnis meaning flesh. For the reason that, the classic Carnation was found in the shades of pink that represents the color of the flesh.
  • While another batch claims that the name must have come from the Roman word Corone or Coronation which implies flower garlands as it was extensively used in Greek celebrations.

Acclaimed for its ruffled appearance via those bedraggled florets, Carnations have been the foremost choice of florists since eternity. Serving as a classic symbol of enchantment, excellence and love, every other shade of it encompass a different interpretation to it. However, the prevalent ones are-

  • White - White Carnations Captivating Eternal Love White Carnations Bundle represent good fortune and genuine love. Though in Chinese culture, white Carnations implies mourning and are presented to as an expression of condolence, on the demise of a closed one.
  • Pink - Pink Carnations Cherished Bundle of Pink Carnations suggests gratitude and adoration. An ideal souvenir for any Mom on Mother's Day.
  • Red - While lighter hues of Red Stunning Red Carnations signify affection; the darker tones connote intimate love and desire. A perfect 1st Wedding Anniversary Flower.
  • Purple - Purple toned Carnations generally symbolize capriciousness.
  • Yellow - Yellow Carnations stands for exclusion, setback and even disdain.

January birth month flowers are natives to Eurasia. The Carnations is believed to have incarnated from the tears of Virgin Mary when she witnessed the crucifixion of his son, Lord Jesus Christ.


Chrysanthemums, popularly known as Mums are the official Mother's Day floral of Australia. First cultured in China, Chrysanthemums have an entire Chinese City- 'Chu-Hsien' (meaning Chrysanthemum City) named after it. From China, the craze for Mums went onto Japan, all thanks to the Buddhist Monks who all introduced the blossom to Japan, at around AD 400. The Japanese lured by the magnificence of the floral soon made it the imperial crest and also the seal for all sorts of legal Government documents. Besides, there is a National Chrysanthemum Day that is celebrated all throughout Japan as the 'Festival of Happiness'.

'The Queen of Fall Flowers as referred to as in U.S.A, the blossoms is said to deliver a hefty number of connotations. Universally signifying ecstasy and allurement, variegated hues of Mums depict different meanings. The conventional ones are:

  • Purple - tailors the message of rapid recovery to the person suffering from any sort of ailment.
  • Red - Symbolizes deep seated love and passion.
  • White - Depicts devotion and candor.
  • Yellow - Denotes abandoned love and agony.

The pom-pom like petals of Chrysanthemums widely signifies birth and renaissance, particularly in Asia and therefore these blossoms serve as great presents on Birthdays as well as Baby showers. It is also the authorized November birth month flower.


One of the most intensely desired and exotic blossoms of all. The Orchids have derived its name from Orkhis, a Greek word given by Greek Botanist Theophrastus which he thought to be closely related to male reproductive system. Forming 14th Wedding Anniversary flower, Orchids are the clichéd representatives of love, opulence, elegance and stability. Known for its fascinating fragrance, Orchids are enormously used in perfumes and scents.

Similar to other floral, the various tones of Orchids also exert a range of implications. Some are listed beneath-

  • White - White Orchids resemble purity, chastity, beauty and splendor.
  • Yellow - Yellow Orchid implies for friendship, new beginnings or can be presented to a buddy in order to recognize a recent accomplishment.
  • Blue - The bleeding blue Orchids are one-of-a-kind. And due to its rareness in existence, the blossoms happen to be an exceptional one connoting rarity.
  • Purple - Purple Orchids Joyful Paradise Orchid Stems Arrangement symbolizes sovereignty, recognition, admiration and poise.

The flower is said to depict Love on an unanimous basis as because, Orchids bloom necessarily in any given climatic conditions which consequently proves how a romantic love should be. That is, thrive in any unspecified situation. In addition to this, there was a supposed myth in ancient days that Orchids which have long been associated with fertility and virility could even certify the gender of nascent child. Consumption of large tubers of the Orchids by the father of the unborn fetus was presumed that his would give birth to a baby boy. Whereas, intake of tiny Orchid tubers by the expected mother determined the birth of a girl child.


The short and sweet names of the Tulips have said to arrive from a Persian word for Turbans, since, the people of Persia loved to wear Tulips on their turbans. Although previously known as the universal symbol for love, tulips now are more often considered as an endowment when presented to someone. Members of Lily family, the Tulips were extensively cultivated by the Ottoman Empire as a reminder of paradise and eternity. Though not the most exotic floral of all, a Tulip is surely to make anybody's day a special one.

Like any other flower, a tulip also has a peculiar language which is catered via the variegated tones of the floral. The pre-eminent ones are:

  • Yellow - Yellow Tulips mainly signify disapproved or turned down love. Sending a gift of Yellow Tulips mainly symbolize unanswered love or connotes that the sender is in love with the recipient but is certain about a feedback of distaste.
  • Red - Red Tulips connotes the message of impeccable or flawless love. Gifting a bouquet of beaming Red Tulips suggests that sender is in absolute love with the receiver.
  • Purple - Purple Tulips resemble aristocracy. It also tailors the message of wealth, plethora and success.
  • Pink - Pink is the color for young romantic or innocent love. Can be a great present for friends and family members too.

A Tulip makes a place in every floral arrangement and never really fails to leave a mark. The mesmerizing humble Tulip is an alluring and an enchanting blossom of them all.


Being the 5th most favorite floral in the world, Gerbera Daisies are natives to South Africa. Gerberas incorporate a large arresting core with captivating two-lipped ray florets. The centriole of the Gerbera blossom may appear to be a single floral entity but, is actually an assemblage of a cluster of small florets combined together.

One of the most prized flowers among contemporary florists; Gerberas are often used to adorn banquet halls and various types of bouquets and boutonnieres. These mirthful blossoms are extensively cultivated in shades of yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, besides the usual white. Now, going by the theory of floral languages emitted by the different hues of the same floral, Gerberas equivalently has a lot to say via its disparate tones-

  • Orange - The closest color twinning the sun. Orange Gerberas are dedicated to people who are the beaming sunshine of one's life or the only medium of hope.
  • Yellow - Somewhat similar to that of Sunflowers, the Yellow Gerberas Unique Yellow Coloured Gerberas Arrangement are full of life and exuberance. Present your dear friend with a bunch of these bright yellow Gerberas and invigorate a frenzy of euphoria between the both of you.
  • Pink - Pink Gerberas Urbane Bunch of Pink Gerberas denotes grace and sophistication. Pink Gerberas are even associated with adoration, compassion and acknowledgement. Serves as great gestures when presented to someone who is suffering an ailment.
  • Purple - Purple Gerberas represent feminine beauty and elegance. Purple Gerberas are the ideal souvenirs to ennoble the most significant lady of one's life.
  • Red - Red Carnations Magnificent Bunch of Gerberas in Red Colour are excellent companions for expressing love and strong desire for that someone special.


Zinnia is an adorable and exuberant floral that is every gardener's eternal love. One of the longest blooming flowers, Zinnias are the absolute symbols of endurance in any given situation, possible. Out of some 20 species of Zinnia floral, the Zinnia grandiflora and the Zinnia tenuifolia are the most renowned ones used in ornamental floral arrangements. Indigenous to the southwestern region of U.S.A, Mexico and Central America, these ebullient blossoms have derived its name from a German Botanist named Dr.Johann Gottfried Zinn. Comprehensively signifying 'thoughts of a missing friend', Zinnias with its diversified hues, tailor messages which are quite distinct to each other.

Noteworthy shades of Zinnias and their meanings:

  • White - White Zinnias are a sign of daily reminiscence.
  • Yellow - Yellow Zinnias signify genuineness or generosity.
  • Red - Red Zinnias show strong family bonds as well as denotes.
  • Magenta - Depicts long lasting fondness towards someone special.
  • Mixed - Mixed Zinnias sends message to a long gone friend.


The official state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana, Magnolias possess strap-shaped petals which appear to be one giant floret. A Magnolia often represents 'Yin' - the feminine side of life and therefore, it is an ideal present for females from their male counterparts. A Magnolia is generally caters the message that the lady (the receiver) receiving it is as beautiful as the flower and hence, she deserves a souvenir as pretty as her. The flower has been named after Pierre Magnol a French Botanist. Though standing tall as the undisputed present representing eternal beauty and divinity of women, in South America Magnolias are thought to be the best bridal bouquets as it is believed to enhance the bride's purity and generosity. The Siebold's Magnolia is soulful aromatic floral that happens to be the National Flower of North Korea.

Although mostly Magnolias are found in neutral shades throughout the nature, some species of Magnolias however are bred in soft pastel shades of pink, yellow and violet. The significance behind these colors are-

  • White - Represents lunar goddess or moon.
  • Yellow - Represents the Sun or the Solar Goddess.
  • Pink - Represents Venus or Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Is associated with womanhood, friendship and love.
  • Violet - Quiet a time presented during Government dealings as it is strongly associated with aristocracy or sovereignty.


Deriving its name from the Latin word Rosa, Roses are the unrivaled floral choice for any and every season. The most favorite of all cut flowers, Roses are chiefly associated with deep-seated love and romance, besides that of confidentiality. In ancient Roman days, a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where arcane or secretive meetings were held. Thus, the term sub rosa meaning under the rose was introduced by then. The June birth month flower, Roses were predominantly bred in China around 5000 years ago and continue to grow in almost every part of the world by now.

Cognate to other floral and their tonal languages, Roses even has evolved a language of its own, through its spectrum of hues. The most essential ones however, are-

  • Red - Red Roses are the ultimate symbol of Love. The bloom that conveys message of intense love and strong desire. A romantic proposal is indeed incomplete without a bouquet of a dozen ravishing Red Roses Sweet Surprises 12 Roses Bouquet. It is also the 15th Wedding Anniversary floral.
  • Pink - Pink Roses Exceptional Fresh Pink Roses Bouquet are the versatile blossoms and serve a myriad of occasions. These blossoms are the convenient choices for tailoring messages of gratitude to acknowledging budding new love interest. While soft pink Roses denote grace and elegance, the deep ones represent admiration and recognition.
  • White - A bunch of pure White Roses conveys respect, denotes new beginnings and also expresses sympathy on the demise of dear ones. Western culture reveres White Roses Zesty Collection of White Roses Bunch as a symbol of long term marriage by restoring innocence and chastity. And therefore, neutral roses are essential bride bouquets in any western wedding.
  • Yellow - A corsage of vibrant Yellow Roses as the color connotes is not difficult to decipher. Yellow Roses Charming Best and Perfect Yellow Roses Bouquet are true symbols of exuberance, euphoria and exhilaration. An impeccable blossom bunch to honor a friend with.
  • Orange - Merging the significance of friendliness via Yellow Roses and that of intense love, via Red Roses, the enigmatic Orange Rose passionately spells the message of 'Thank You' or 'Congratulations' to a special someone.

A Rose has always been the classical symbol of Love. Though each shade expresses love, beauty, elegance and balances each a bit differently, every hue is responsible to convey true messages of pure and endless love.


The 5th most loved floral in the entire planet, the daisies are pre-eminent symbols of purity, chastity and glee. These classic bunches of gorgeous blooms mainly are indigenous to the Northern and Central part of Europe. A regular Daisy incorporates shining white petals enclosing in a beaming yellow core white form the 'eye' or center of the blossom. Perhaps, the name Daisy has been borrowed from a time old English word- 'daes eag' which literally translates to day's eye.

There are quiet a number or species of Daisies cultivated all over the world, yet, the most prominent ones are:

  • Gerbera Daisies - Extensively cultured in South Africa, Asia and parts of Madagascar, the Gerbera Daisies are the classic White Daisies. These Daisies require a hefty amount of water and are currently bred in colors of red, orange, yellow and pink. The common name of Gerbera was given in the name of a German Botanist, Traugott Gerber. While, the scientific name (Gerbera jamesonii) was borrowed by a South African Scotsman, Robert Jameson. The man who was behind the discovery of the blossom. These flowers traditionally signify timeless beauty and innocence, besides that of exuberance and gaiety, evolved by the variegated tones of Gerbera Daisies.
  • Shasta Daisies - Shasta Daisies closely resemble the Sun, on a beaming summer afternoon. These iconic Daisies possess White florets and vivacious yellow apex or centers that form the eye of the bloom. Belonging to the European family of Wildflowers, these Daisies are the most popular group among all other breeds of Daisies.

Apart from Gerbera and Shasta Daisies, these evergreen blossoms are bred in a variety of breeds, the common ones being that of Gloriosa Daisies, Marguerite Daisies and Purple Coneflower. Daisies are essential gifts for expressing hope and renewal along with ageless beauty and purity of the soul.


Cherished for its arresting appeal and mollifying fragrance, Lilies have been ranked a topmost choice for any sort of floral arrangement. Lilies have acquired its name from Greek word 'Leiron' and is said to have formulated from the milk of Greek Goddess Hera. Symbolizing modesty and faithfulness, Lilies are excellent 30th Wedding Anniversary souvenirs. The charisma, allurement and exotic aroma that lilies are adorned with makes it arguably one of the best known flowering plants. Cultured in some hundred species, each breed connotes a different significance altogether. While the pink striped Stargazer Lilies depict ambition and success, the white Stargazers form the finest funeral bouquets. The Peruvian ones are closely associated with innocence and devotion. Again the Easter Lilies (or Madonna lily) form the blossom emblem of Virgin Mary. And, Tiger Lilies generally implies for dignity and abundance.

Variegated tones of Lilies and its connotations-

Just like Fresh flowers, the contemporary Artificial Flowers have enchanted people with its dazzling appeal and timeless shelf-life. Originated in the regions of China, it had shown extensive progress and has captured a huge market in Rome, Italy, South America, Egypt and almost the entire world. Currently the Guangdong Province of China is the largest and most popular artificial floral market that serves quiet a number of countries including that of India. Artificial Flowers are nothing but the imitation o the close resemblances of the original one that are produced manually. Involving very many techniques and strongly skilled artisans, these artificial blossoms curated out of silk, plastic, polyester, nylon, soaps and other daily used products. According to historians, Artificial Flowers have originated from China and till now they dominate the market with some magnificent floral of variegated shapes, sized and tones that are not natured made but doesn't appear to be so. Later on the craft spread throughout France and Europe where craftsmen made use of other materials and silhouettes and produced man-made blossoms out of muslin, velvet, satin, crepe, and gauze. Today, many known florist and E-shops cater the needs of the society and bring a vast assemblage of Artificial Flowers Long Lasting- Heart Shaped Arrangement of Red Roses for gifting purposes. People having pollen allergies or men and women susceptible to strong flower fragrances can conveniently opt for these man-made beauties Long-Lasting Pure Gold and adorn their spaces without any hesitation. Therefore, embellish your living spaces with these Long Lasting Flowers or tailor secret messages to your dear ones via these Delightfully Delicate Non-Perishable Flowers.