Creeds and Corsages

Every caste and creed has different beliefs and ideologies and their notions with certain flowers and flower arrangements is too, no exception. Going by the pre-eminent religions of all over the planets, most religions have strong associations with certain Premium Flowers. From Hinduism to Buddhism, some specified floral breeds have major religious influences. Some of them are:

In Hinduism- The very definition of Puja or offering prayers to the divine literally translates to the flowering Act. And therefore, we can easily conclude that flowers pay a pivotal role in Hindu culture. A lotus flower holds utmost importance in Hinduism and at the grass root level, it is closely associated with eternal beauty and virility. On a higher level, a lotus is related to devotion and sanctity.
Other than Lotus, Jasmine and rose are popular religious floral choices. Flowers have always been associated with divinity and in context to that instead of rice seeds, newlyweds are showered with fresh flower petals during their wedding ceremony.

In Christianity- Passion flowers are thought to be behold utmost significance in Christian culture as it is said to symbolize the sacrifice and sufferings of Lord Jesus Christ, commonly referred to as The Passion of Christ.
Furthermore, Roses and White Lilies are often chosen as wedding bridal bouquets or at times of offering prayers to the divine Lord. Red Roses marks both, a symbol of love as well as a representative of Christ's pure blood.

In Buddhism- A Lotus is again is taken as the most pious flower and it marks the highest level of spiritual elevation concerning a human being. Lord Buddha being closely related to the flower of Lotus, Buddhist monks often consider Lotus as a metaphor for knowledge.

Other than the above mentioned religions many other blossoms have a vast influence on many religions, casts and creeds. In Islamic religion though there is no such great influence of flowers on Gods, but Red Roses are often considered pious and are involved in many Islamic weddings. Also, Jasmines are widely found in Islamic funerals.

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