Easy Ways to Make Anniversary Cakes at Home

Quick Cake for beginners 

Step 1: Blend butter sugar and beaten eggs together continuously without giving an interval. Whisk until you get a light fluffy composition.

Step 2: In a bowl, sift maida and baking powder and then add the whisked mixture to it. Add little milk and beat the mixture again. 

Step 3: Add Vanilla essence to cover up the smell of eggs and beat again.

Step 4: Take a tin to bake the cake and grease it with butter. Sprinkle some maida on it to prevent the sticking of the Cake and pour the prepared mixture into it. Spread uniformly and tap to remove any air present.

Step 5: Put the tin in a pressure cooker, do not pour water at its bottom. Invert a steel plate at the bottom of the cooker and put the cake mixture tin on it.

Step 6: Pressure cook it on high flame for 40 minutes. And finally make a metal skewer check to check if it fully done.

Do you know?

a) The time of beating, the composition of maida, the time of baking etc play a great role in the final texture of the cake.

b) You may need to make a cake with great care otherwise it will end up either soggy or burned up!

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