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Breeding Fresh Flowers in Pune and attending them is a timeless affair. Many people love to grow flowers, but what many individuals are not aware of is choosing or detecting the right kind of floral for their home garden. Therefore we have come up with certain know how's' that will definitely aid in finding a solution to all your basic problems.

Difference between Annual and Perennial Flowering Plants:

  • Annual plants have one life cycle where they out bloom, grow and cease in a single season. Whereas, Perennial plants grow for a maximum of five and a minimum of 2 years.
  • Annual flowers bloom in spring (Summer Annuals) and smear color all over with its extravagant blossom spectrums. While another breed of Annuals is sown in autumn incase of Winter Annuals. A perennial on the other hand, doesn't have a fixed blooming schedule and thus, grows throughout the year until it avails maturity, which is only after 3-5years.
  • Both Annuals and Perennials require ample amount of sun exposure and good irrigational facilities incase of low rainfall.
  • Examples of Annual Flowering - Oriental Liles, Marigolds, Iris, Ranunculus, Sweet Peas, Zinnias, etc
  • Examples of Perennial Flowers- Peruvian Day Lily, Rose, Shasta Daisy, Starflower, Daffodil, Dianthus, etc

Gardening Tips for Beginners:

  1. Electing the appropriate site - Each and every floral plantation requires a minimum of six to seven hours of direct sun exposure; hence the chosen location should be the one getting legitimate sunlight. Similarly there are certain exceptions where certain blossom requires a bit of shelter too. So picking the right spot also depends on the floral choice.
  2. Clarifying the spot - The foremost thing that needs to be done is removing the dirt from the area or ground selected for flower cultivation. Layering up the earth with at least 5 sheets of old newspapers is the best way possible to clean the zone. Spreading a 3 inch layer of compost on the uppermost layer of the newspaper will make the soil fertile in the long run and it will take around 3-4 months for the newspapers to decompose absolutely.
  3. Selecting the Flowers - It is to be kept in mind that the gardening process of each flower is somewhat different from the other. Therefore it is to be decided on the first hand whether Annual flowers such as Marigolds, Zinnias, or Cosmos are to be plated or Perennial floral like that of daylilies, Purple Coneflower or Black-eyed Susans is to be sown.
  4. Checking on the Water Daily - Watering is a big must and it needs to be carried out on a diurnal basis. Seeds of the newly planted flower should never go out of water or dry out. Artificial watering is to be executed only after having an elaborate study regarding the humidity of the soil, the amount of rainfall and in comparison to the extent of watering the chosen flower necessitates. Also, a plant calls for slow and deep absorption of water, since; fast flow may not be able to trap the entire volume and rather go wasted.
  5. Obligatory Mulching - In order to keep all sorts of weeds and turfs out of the seeds sown and water to drench it completely, a mandatory Mulching method is the key. Incorporating a couple of inches of Mulch to cover the entire flowering region can help attain the former mentioned idea. Selecting the right type and amount of mulch is a requisite too.
  6. These are a few suggestions regarding the opening of a quintessential flowering garden for the beginners. But fundamental methods such as daily watering, deadheading or pinching of blossoms are necessary for an effective and rapid growth of flowers. Additionally, fertilizing the soil is an imperative practice which should be carried out only after proper soil inspection. Quiet a time a decent concoction of nitrogen and phosphorus or potassium and phosphorus is prescribed for a healthy yielding of vivacious and exuberant blossoms. And, the key ingredient to own a garden full of extravagant flowers is definitely loved. One thing that is done with sheer love and devotion never really lacks contentment.

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