Fresh Flowers for a Healthy Heart and Mind

Ugadi or Gudi Padwa is the New Year celebration and festival of Marathi and Konkani Hindus. This day which is on the 6th of April is considered as the start of the New Year according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. There are many reasons for this celebration. Gudi Padwa, which is also known as Gudi Padva, is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra. The people observe its significance due to the change in the moon's orbit while some believe that the lord started the Kali Yuga himself on this day. 

Many commemorate this day by raising a special Gudhi flag consisting of a silk banner with a garland of flowers and leaves and topped with an upside-down drinking pot. The Gudhi is displayed from windows, trees or roofs. On Gudi Padwa, it is conventional to visit friends and family, do some spring-cleaning and dress up in new clothes. It is the gifting season so send thoughtful gifts this New Year.

New Year comes with new resolutions in life. Its 365 days with 365 new chances. With the world becoming more conscious about health and organic lifestyle, everyone should focus on a fit lifestyle. With the changing trends in today's generation giving health care gifts is a splendid idea.

Send Health Care Gifts this Festive Season:

Spread love with your actions and not just with words. Add joy to the day with gifts and hampers. Share good fortune with others as everyone celebrates with delicious food items, fruits, ornaments, clothes, and household accessories. Start an unique gifting experience by sending gifts with a purpose. Like sending Health Care Gifts to Pune is the best example of this. You may send Fruit Baskets, Flowers and other Puja items. 

Gift Flowers for Healthy Mind and Heart

A bouquet of flowers is beautiful and it can also do someone a world of goodness. However, besides their beauty, there's a whole host of surprising health benefits that many flowers can offer. All flowers are plants, so the oxygenation they provide to the air around them can provide a huge range of health benefits.

Helps in Relaxation: There are many reasons as to why gardening and nurturing flowers help stressed-out people. The process of growth and floral scents can do wonders to lower stress. You will find yourself feeling at your best self. Any person will feel better.

Emotional and Mental Health Improvement: Sending flowers is a well-thought gift. A bouquet of flowers signifies care and concern and this can do a lot for a person's well-being. A pretty flower bouquet with bright colors and a soothing scent can brighten the room and mood at the same time.

Flowers are Mind Boosters: Certain flowers boost the ability of a person to recollect and memorize. One such example is the rosemary plant that helps boost our memory power. The overall performance of our brains progresses in environments with wonderful plants and flowers. They allow us to become more productive, and this is the reason why many flowers are seen planted outside or used as a decoration in many houses or offices. They stimulate the brain eliminating the boredom that may come with spending a whole day in one office or environment. Other than just increasing our production, flowers make us explore the creative side of our brains.

Flowers act as Natural Purifiers: Flowers as a whole purifies the air. It helps to remove impurities and filters all the pollutants and dust particles from the room. The pollutants trapped in the room in purified naturally. This New Year send Flowers to Pune to ensure the well being of your dear ones. Variety of flowers has their own meaning:

1. Rose shows love and concern. Roses, being a rich source of vitamin C, help in increasing the circulation of blood. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving joint pain. The rose paste is also good for improving the condition of the skin. 

2. Orchids have medicinal qualities, which can help in improving eyesight and strengthening the immune system.

3. Carnation petals act as the perfect brew partner for tea, which helps in decreasing the anxiety, stress and fatigue levels. The carnation petal paste also helps in treating skin related ailments like itches and swelling. 

4. Lilies help to treat heart-related problems. The Lilac paste helps in reducing fever and getting rid of intestinal parasites as well.

Keeping in mind the health benefits send Flowers to Pune this festive season to show your affection and care towards your loved ones. With the help of online websites, you can send Flowers during this hectic occasion fast and easily. Sending health care gifts this year to your family and friends will show that you genuinely care about them. Gift Flowers and along with it send Fruit Baskets to Pune this auspicious season to wish your near and dear ones, good health, and longevity in life.

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