Measures to Prohibit Premature Ageing of Fresh Cut Flowers

Blossoms possess a magical appeal which renders an optimistic vibe to the environ, making any space a vivacious one. The presence of Sweetly Stunning Red Roses Bouquet placed on a clear porcelain vase or a Fashionable Tall Arrangement of Thirty Orchid Stem not only renders a great appeal to the eyes but its sensuous aroma adds a soothing effect to the surrounding as well. Even though most of us love to receive fragrantful floral gifts and adorn our rooms with it. Yet, sometimes it really becomes a bit bothersome to watch those bunches of blossoms get wilted and droop down in front of our eyes. Everyone on this planet loves to receive a gift of bewitching floral, but, not many know how to actually maintain these delicate beauties. These Fresh Flowers have preferably shorter shelf-life than any other present, and preserving them can be a hectic task. Hence, we have come up with certain tips which will certainly expand the lifespan of the fresh cut blooms with the aid of low-cost ingredients that are readily available at home.

  1. Decontaminated Vase: To start off with, one needs to primarily sanitize the flower vase using a proportionate mix of warm water, bleach and a few drops of any dishwashing liquid. Leave the prepared liquid inside the vessel for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with clear water. The process is known as sterilization as it eliminates all the preceding remnants within the vessel, creating a suitable stay for the upcoming blossom boutonniere. This is the foremost method which advocates a prolonged existence of the blossoms.

  2. Clear Water Everyday: Flowers bring cheer to the ambience and everyone wishes for an elongated survival of these blossoms. Now, the key ingredient to widen that limit is nothing but water. Routine check of water levels and altering the water is an unavoidable exercise that needs to be practiced on a day-to-day basis. Also, since flowers get their maximum nourishment from water, it is imperative to keep in check the water level all the time.

  3. Homemade Floral Feed: Though there is always a floral fodder packet available with the flower bouquets that we buy, yet, making one's own feed for the flower works the best. It is highly easy and convenient to prepare. The entire elements requisite for the concoction is readily available in every household kitchen. A well balanced mixture of sugar (1 teaspoon), bleach (1 teaspoon) and lemon juice (2 teaspoon) needs to be infused in a quart of lukewarm water. The sugar act as the nutrient, giving nourishment to the cut blossoms, whereas lemon juice and bleach acts as the acidifier that adjusts the pH level of the water and as a disinfectant that fights all kinds of bacteria formation, respectively. The luke warm water will provide a wider coverage for faster absorption of the nutriment.

  4. Pruned Stems: One of the common things that people forget while setting up a floral bouquet is to cut the stem of the blossoms. The reason why it is such a crucial procedure is because, the stem is the ultimate floral unit that intakes all the nutrients and provides a healthy life to the blossoms. Therefore, cutting the flower stem at an angle will equip maximal water consumption by granting a wider surface area to the stems. Likewise, it is important to re-cut the stems as well as remove all the dried out leaves and wilted petals, constantly. This will further add to a full bloomed floral display.

  5. Right Spot for Floral Display: Zones with comparatively cooler temperatures should be elected for placing the blossom bouquets. Avoiding places that are next to any direct sun exposure or underneath a ceiling fan is recommended. One should simultaneously keep a watch that the flower arrangements are kept away from any sort of fruits or vegetables. For the reason that fruits or vegetables, while they are maturing, generates an obnoxious gas ethylene, which causes harm to the survival of the flowers.
Excluding the above mentioned suggestions, one can conjointly opt for other home remedies, as listed beneath-

  • Dropping a copper penny in the blossom carafe will ensure the blockage of bacteria formation inside the water. This will consequently promote a longer vase life to the fresh cut blossoms.
  • Blossoms relatively thrive for a longer period of time, if kept in cooler temperatures. Going by the statement, it is a tried and tested method where flower bouquets were kept inside the refrigerator for the entire night (each day) for near about 8 hours and the result was amazing. This is a proven remedy for lending a preferably longer life to the flowers.
  • The most adept technique to give a protracted lifetime to a bunch of blossoms is by adding a dash of sweet soda or lemon-soda water to the flower vessel. This will insure proper flower nourishment and appropriate bloom of the blossoms for the largest period of time. Furthermore, one can even add a bit of Vodka or any clear spirit to the blossom carafe. This will safeguard the floral from Ethylene production which leads to untimely withering of flowers.
  • Though flower fodder is approved way of getting optimum outcome. Yet the above cited are worth giving a chance. But certain unproductive methods such as dissolving crushed Aspirin tablet or smearing hairsprays over the blooms should absolutely be omitted.

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