Unearthing Floral Insights - Carnations and Chrysanthemums

Flowers are one of the reasons or in other words 90% responsible for the earth's alluring beauty and magnificence. The radiant tones and the exotic aromas of these Fresh Flowers is an absolute treasure of appeal. The very sight of these beauties acts as the perfect mood enhancer, thus, makes any person cope with any strenuous situation. Thus, we have come up with a handful of floral choices and the convenience of Same Day Delivery and Midnight Delivery of Premium Flowers to Pune for your beloved ones.


A staple in most floral assortments and corsages, these exotic blossoms of Carnations comes in a variety of several standard colors, which makes this perennial plant a favorite among all. Recognized as Jove's Flower by the Ancient Romans, the sanctified floral is bred in three peculiar species, namely; the annual, the perpetual and the border. Though it is a prototypical floral now, there has been a pre-eminent etymology behind the emergence of the name 'Carnation'. Among all, the most sought-after theories happen to be the ones stated below.

  • It is said that Carnations derived its name - Dianthus caryophyllus (Scientific name) given by Theophrastus, a Greek Botanist. The word Dianthus can be further bifurcated into Dios which symbolizes Lord Zeus and Anthos which depicts flower. Therefore, the culmination of the name can be summoned as The Flower of God.
  • A second myth suggests that Carnations have evolved its name from the word Carnis meaning flesh. For the reason that, the classic Carnation was found in the shades of pink that represents the color of the flesh.
  • While another batch claims that the name must have come from the Roman word Corone or Coronation which implies flower garlands as it was extensively used in Greek celebrations.

Acclaimed for its ruffled appearance via those bedraggled florets, Carnations have been the foremost choice of florists since eternity. Serving as a classic symbol of enchantment, excellence and love, every other shade of it encompass a different interpretation to it. However, the prevalent ones are-

  • White - White Carnations Captivating Eternal Love White Carnations Bundle represent good fortune and genuine love. Though in Chinese culture, white Carnations implies mourning and are presented to as an expression of condolence, on the demise of a closed one.
  • Pink - Pink Carnations Cherished Bundle of Pink Carnations suggests gratitude and adoration. An ideal souvenir for any Mom on Mother's Day.
  • Red - While lighter hues of Red Stunning Red Carnations signify affection; the darker tones connote intimate love and desire. A perfect 1st Wedding Anniversary Flower.
  • Purple - Purple toned Carnations generally symbolize capriciousness.
  • Yellow - Yellow Carnations stands for exclusion, setback and even disdain.

January birth month flowers are natives to Eurasia. The Carnations is believed to have incarnated from the tears of Virgin Mary when she witnessed the crucifixion of his son, Lord Jesus Christ.


Chrysanthemums, popularly known as Mums are the official Mother's Day floral of Australia. First cultured in China, Chrysanthemums have an entire Chinese City- 'Chu-Hsien' (meaning Chrysanthemum City) named after it. From China, the craze for Mums went onto Japan, all thanks to the Buddhist Monks who all introduced the blossom to Japan, at around AD 400. The Japanese lured by the magnificence of the floral soon made it the imperial crest and also the seal for all sorts of legal Government documents. Besides, there is a National Chrysanthemum Day that is celebrated all throughout Japan as the 'Festival of Happiness'.

'The Queen of Fall Flowers as referred to as in U.S.A, the blossoms is said to deliver a hefty number of connotations. Universally signifying ecstasy and allurement, variegated hues of Mums depict different meanings.

The conventional ones are:

  • Purple - tailors the message of rapid recovery to the person suffering from any sort of ailment.
  • Red - Symbolizes deep seated love and passion.
  • White - Depicts devotion and candor.
  • Yellow - Denotes abandoned love and agony.

The pom-pom like petals of Chrysanthemums widely signifies birth and renaissance, particularly in Asia and therefore these blossoms serve as great presents on Birthdays as well as Baby showers. It is also the authorized November birth month flower.

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