Unearthing Floral Insights - Orchids and Tulips


One of the most intensely desired and exotic blossoms of all. The Orchids have derived its name from Orkhis, a Greek word given by Greek Botanist Theophrastus which he thought to be closely related to male reproductive system. Forming 14th Wedding Anniversary flower, Orchids are the clichéd representatives of love, opulence, elegance and stability. Known for its fascinating fragrance, Orchids are enormously used in perfumes and scents.

Similar to other floral, the various tones of Orchids also exert a range of implications. Some are listed beneath-

  • White - White Orchids resemble purity, chastity, beauty and splendor.
  • Yellow - Yellow Orchid implies for friendship, new beginnings or can be presented to a buddy in order to recognize a recent accomplishment.
  • Blue - The bleeding blue Orchids are one-of-a-kind. And due to its rareness in existence, the blossoms happen to be an exceptional one connoting rarity.
  • Purple - Purple Orchids Joyful Paradise Orchid Stems Arrangement symbolizes sovereignty, recognition, admiration and poise.

The flower is said to depict Love on an unanimous basis as because, Orchids bloom necessarily in any given climatic conditions which consequently proves how a romantic love should be. That is, thrive in any unspecified situation. In addition to this, there was a supposed myth in ancient days that Orchids which have long been associated with fertility and virility could even certify the gender of nascent child. Consumption of large tubers of the Orchids by the father of the unborn fetus was presumed that his would give birth to a baby boy. Whereas, intake of tiny Orchid tubers by the expected mother determined the birth of a girl child.


The short and sweet names of the Tulips have said to arrive from a Persian word for Turbans, since, the people of Persia loved to wear Tulips on their turbans. Although previously known as the universal symbol for love, tulips now are more often considered as an endowment when presented to someone. Members of Lily family, the Tulips were extensively cultivated by the Ottoman Empire as a reminder of paradise and eternity. Though not the most exotic floral of all, a Tulip is surely to make anybody's day a special one.

Like any other flower, a tulip also has a peculiar language which is catered via the variegated tones of the floral.

The pre-eminent ones are:

  • Yellow - Yellow Tulips mainly signify disapproved or turned down love. Sending a gift of Yellow Tulips mainly symbolize unanswered love or connotes that the sender is in love with the recipient but is certain about a feedback of distaste.
  • Red - Red Tulips connotes the message of impeccable or flawless love. Gifting a bouquet of beaming Red Tulips suggests that sender is in absolute love with the receiver.
  • Purple - Purple Tulips resemble aristocracy. It also tailors the message of wealth, plethora and success.
  • Pink - Pink is the color for young romantic or innocent love. Can be a great present for friends and family members too.

A Tulip makes a place in every floral arrangement and never really fails to leave a mark. The mesmerizing humble Tulip is an alluring and an enchanting blossom of them all.

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